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Church in the Park is a non-hierarchical, non-branded church where everyone is equal. God has given each of us talents, gifts, roles and responsibilities in the body of Christ to help us reach our full potential and also assist others in reaching theirs.


We are here to edify and help each other understand who we are in Christ and to use everything the Lord has provided for us.


Our heart’s desire is to equip God’s children to do His work in a simple manner that does not require the elevation of people or the need for fancy places of worship. True worship comes from the heart through the Holy Ghost. Our call is to set the captives free by preaching the full gospel of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the promised indwelling of the Holy Spirit and every joy and blessing that flows from this.


Our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God in this world and to empower every member of the Church to become a fully functioning part of the Body of Christ.


We would love to see you. You are always most welcome.

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